Week 229

Apple has announced that starting July 2018, all app updates submitted to the App Store have to be built with the iOS 11 SDK. That’s a pretty big step-up in requirements, since right now it’s possible to submit a build with Xcode 6. On the other hand, it was clear that this was coming, since in February they announced that starting Aoril, all new apps have to be build with iOS 11 SDK. This time, it’s about updates too. And this will only mean that more apps will add support for iPhone X 😄. I’d be curious to know if this causes a spike in the Xcode 8 downloads, so develoeprs who still had projects in Swift 2 can upgrade first to Swift 3 (with Xcode 8) and then to Swift 4 (with Xcode 9).



  • AnyCodable – Type-erased wrappers for Encodable, Decodable, and Codable values, by @mattt
  • SwiftEntryKit – a banner presenter library for iOS. It can be used to easily display pop-ups and notification-like views within your iOS apps, by Daniel Huri
  • Differific – a fast and convenient diffing framework, by @zenangst
  • UserInterface – a collection of convenience extensions specifically tailored to building user interfaces in Swift, by @zenangst