Week 235

Happy Thursday, everyone 🙂. I must begin this edition by talking about Airbnb’s series of articles on their experience with React Native, since they were shared dozens of times on my Twitter feed. You’ve probably seen them too :). First of all, I really appreciate that Airbnb wrote those articles. We usually see lots of similar articles when a big company adopts a technology, but we don’t usually hear anything about their experience with it after a while. Those articles are well written and highlight both the good and the bad parts of using React Native at Airbnb. Secondly, their experience with React Native doesn’t apply to everyone: we have the example of the Artsy engineering team, who seem very happy with React Native.

And if you really want to know my personal opinion that shouldn’t matter to you at all, I do prefer native development. But I also think there is a tool for every task, and for some tasks there might be better tools than the ones you’re familiar with. Keep an open mind 😄