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PowerMacintosh 8500/180 Designers setup

Using Macromedia Freehand on an iMac G4 to draw and iMac G4

Adobe Illustrator 10 in OS9

Using Illustrator 8 on a PowerMacintosh 6500/250 running MacOS 7.6

A designer’s Setup circa 1996

Featuring a PowerMac 8500 – Mitsubishi Diamondtron display, wacom tablet, iomega zipp and jazz drive, and a Lacie External hard drive.


Susan Kare, Macintosh Icons, 1984. Apple Computer Inc. USA

Kare’s trash can, folders, smiley Mac, command button symbol and other icons are reduced to just a few pixels (32 x 32) yet they remain recognizable. Her  influence on the look and feel of the graphical user interface extended to the appearance of the windows, drop down menus, dialogue boxes and fonts. All these elements were as crucial, influential and memorable in the success of the Macintosh system as any of the engineering and product design feats accomplished by the Macintosh design team. Exhibition Interface, Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Linotype QuickDraw GX preview 

More like Magenta 

Drawing a Board using Illustrator 9 on a PowerMac G4 Cube.

Drawing icons in FreeHand 7